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Student Council



2019-2020 Information

Please contact:

Adviser- Mrs. Abigail Pardue (pardueab@wilkes.k12.nc.us)

Student Body President- Ms. Ava Tharpe (atharpe2020@gmail.com)







Below this area is the archive



Click on this link to register to be in Student Council or run for an office 2019-2020: 








2018-19 Student Council Officers

Hannah Gentry Student Body President
Huston Hall Student Body Vice President
Chelsea Cockerham Student Body Secretary
Bailey Johnson Student Body Treasurer
Lauren Rakes Senior Class President
Jared Clendenen Senior Class Vice President
Macie Gregory Senior Class Secretary/ Treasurer
Charity Speaks Junior President
Ava Tharpe Junior Vice-President
Meagan Reeves Junior Secretary/Treasurer
Taniya Martin Sophomore Class President
Abby Anderson Sophomore Class Vice President
Monica Shaver Sophomore Secretary
Joe Holbrook Sophomore Class Treasurer
Annie Walker Freshmen President
Addison Blackwelder Freshman Vice President
Nathaniel Hahn Freshman Secretary
Savanah Lay Freshman Treasurer
Travis Gentry Adviser
Sharon Shepherd Adviser


Upcoming Activities in Student Council 2018-19

Student Council Activity Sheet 2018-19


Student Body Officers:

-Student Council Trip to Carowinds May 2019

-Bulletin Board (monthly)

-Operation Christmas Child December,2018

-Spirit Week Decoration Organization Oct 2018

- Ask Me Organization August 2018

-Freshmen Orientation Organization August 2018

-Freshmen (Fall) Election October 2018

-Presentation to rising Freshmen (spring) May 2019

-Club Fair September 2018

-Club Meetings (monthly)

-NCASC Event Organization

            Fall Conference October 2018

            Victory Junction Trip February 2019

            State Conference Forms January 2019

            State Conference April 2019


-Homecoming Activities and Dance Oct 5, 2018

-Powder Puff /Midnight Madness November 2018

-Bonfire November 2018

-Winter Formal-Sadie Hawkins w/Juniors Feb, 2019

-Togo Day Activities -March 15, 2019


-Student/Teacher Ballgame (When?)

-Boys Volleyball Game w/sophomores Oct 5, 2018

-Teacher Appreciation Events (monthly faculty meetings?)

-Winter Formal-Sadie Hawkins w/Seniors Feb.2019


-Victory Junction Fundraiser (Jan/Feb 2019)

- Boys Volleyball Game w/Juniors Oct 5, 2018


-Movie Night (Christmas) 12-19-2018

-Halloween Costume Contest 10-31-2018



Cardinal Crew-

            Set up Friday Football

            Take Down Friday Football

Program Committee- Brooklyn Mounce

            Pre-game programs

            Half-time programs

            Ballgame contests/drawings

            Mascot arrangements- Caleb Vaughn

            Pep Rally Organization/Requests

Sales Team- Bailey Johnson

            Sale merchandise at games

            Sale items during lunches

            Inventory control

Pep Club/ Cardinal Crazies- Micah Caudill

            Support campus athletics

            Create themes for involvement

            Promote school spirit




Upcoming Activities in Student Council 2017

January 21- The Snow Ball- semi-formal- Clingman Community Center


Teacher Appreciation Event? Biscuits and small snacks/apples


* Most recent Minutes: Minutes 11-4-16.docx


Fundraising Efforts 2016-2017

Spirit Goal: New Mascot Outfit ($1,100), New Breakaway Banner (held by Cheerleaders when Football players come out) ($350.00), New Spirit Flags ($500), New Table cover & Step Repeat back drop (suitable for signing athletes and academic scholarship photos) ($1,100). $3,050. 

Homecoming (flowers, DJ, dance decorations, reception for attendants, purchase of drinks for activity day). Income includes dance tickets and sale of drinks                                                   at activity day. Goal-250 people needed to purchase dance tickets; sale a lot of drinks at activity day. 

                          Haunted School (decorations, promotion, food for staffing, supplies, and division with other clubs). Income includes sale of tickets at the door. Goal- in excess                                                   of 350 people to pay to attend. 

                          Powder Puff (promotion, food and drinks for concessions at the event). Income includes sale of pizza and drinks at the game. Goal- 100% school participation                                                   in buying pizza and/or drink at the game.

                         Talent Show (promotion, donate to choral music department, prizes for winners). Income includes sale of pizza and drinks at the event. Goal- 100% school                                                   participation in buying food at the event. 


Spirit Items: T-shirts- Red,, black and White; Red blankets; mirrored and metal novelty license plates, hats,

Income Efforts: Solicit specific businesses, funnel cake & ice cream vendors at the home games, raffle for chainsaw and leaf blower. 

Income Sources: Homecoming drink sales and dance tickets, Haunted School House, Powder Puff, 




Chart of Annual Events

Activity Responsible Party Date
Take new ideas and concerns to Dr. Weatherman- as needed (keep Gentry in the loop) Brandon Anderson and Jasmine Garcia  Monthly
Represent School at SIT meetings Brandon Anderson and Evey Grimsley (or reps for them) Monthly- third Wednesday 3:30
President Speech at Underclassmen Awards Ceremony Brandon Anderson and or Jasmine Garcia Q1- August- Day 1
Ask Me Program (helping freshmen find their way around on the first day of classes) All of Student Council Q1- August- Day 1
New fun themes for football Kallie Blackburn- Pep Club President Q1- Fall
Powder Puff Game (improve with male cheerleaders and more control in press box) Senior Class- Evey Grimsley to spearhead Q1- Fall
All Cancer Awareness Program Sophomore Class- Lauren Rakes to spearhead Q1- Fall
Hometown Hero Event (Care boxes for soilders) Veteran Recognition (assembly?) Sophomore Class- Lauren Rakes to spearhead Q1- Fall
Club Day "Rush" (Probably on Friday of week 1) Old Gym during power lunch Senior Class- Evey Grimsley to spearhead Q1- Fall
Spirit Week- Football, Basketball, and Baseball Kallie Blackburn- Pep Club President Q1 Fall/Winter/Spring
Haunted Halls (each class decorates a hall and staffs the event) Junior Class- Lexi to spearhead Q1- October 29
Fall Student Council Conference- sign up on line Gentry, Shepherd, Bare and Hall to advise Q1- October 8, 2016 in Monroe
Homecoming  All of Student Council- Gentry to spearhead Q1- September 23
Have a bonfire Student Body Officers Q1-Homecoming September
Teacher Appreication Events (targeted by grade) Junior Class- Lexi to spearhead Q2 & Q4 Fall/winter; Winter/spring
Academic Olympics (GPA influenced by grade) Funded by Haunted Halls Junior Class- Lexi to spearhead Q2 & Q4 Fall/winter; Winter/spring
Mentoring Program to develop younger leaders Junior Class- Lexi to spearhead Q2- quarterly updates & events
Annual SC Conference (State-wide Conference NCASC) Raleigh 2017 Gentry, Shepherd to advise Q2- Registration; Q3- final plans
Christmas Child All of Student Council- Brandon Anderson to spearhead Q2- Winter
Food Drive Sophomore Class- Lauren Rakes to spearhead Q2-Given to BETA
Senior Quotes in Yearbook again (we will ask yearbook to bring this back) Andrew Norman- Senior Class Q2-Winter
Event for Ebinezers  Freshmen Class- Charity Speaks to spearhead Q2-Winter
Winter Dance (Snowflake Ball) Would like to announce Mr. and Ms. East High at dance? Sophomore Class- Lauren Rakes to spearhead Q2-Winter
Honor Council Application Jasmine Garcia and SB team Q2-Winter
Academic Showcase Junior Class- Lexi to spearhead Q3 Winter
Movie Nights Freshmen Class- Charity Speaks to spearhead Q3-4 Winter and Spring
Teacher versus Student Ballgame Freshmen Class- Charity Speaks to spearhead Q3-4 Winter and Spring
Senior Elementary revisit near graduation Senior Class- Evey Grimsley to spearhead Q4- Spring
Election Publicity All of Student Council, Katie Stokes to spearhead Q4- Spring
Assembly with speeches for Elections Student Body Officers- Gentry to spearhead Q4- Spring
Assembly for Senior Superlative announcement Senior Class- Evey Grimsley to spearhead Q4- Spring
Talent Show Senior Class- Evey Grimsley to spearhead Q4- Spring
Middle School Election for Freshmen (presentation at the school assembly EWMS) Jasmine Garcia and team Q4: Spring- Late April/early May
Spring State-wide Conference NCASC in Raleigh (more details to come) limited number Gentry, Shepherd, Bare and Hall to advise Q4-April of 2017
Move SC bullitin board to area outside Cafeteria or inside Cafeteria, then keep it current Anna Parks and Liz Yearlong- On going
Publicity for people in Student Council- recognize officers and memebrs more Class Officers and Reps/ Katie Stokes Sec Yearlong- On going
Better Communications about activities Katie Stokes/ Social Media/ Class Presidents Yearlong- On going
Scheduled Meetings- Announcements/publicity Katie Stokes Sec Yearlong- On going
SC member to deliver AM announcements daily or often Student Body officers Yearlong- On going
Sell items in student store (fall the room is in Ag building- Srping is off cafeteria) Hannah Gentry Treasurer Yearlong- On going
Sell items at ballgames (football and basketball) Hannah Gentry Treasurer Yearlong- On going
Sell concessions at homecoming, powder puff and talent show Hannah Gentry Treasurer Yearlong- On going
Carmingo Student Body officers Yearlong- On going
New twitter, facebook and instagram (Twitter: EWHS_Cards) (Instagram: ewhs_Cardinals) Managed by Katie Stokes, with help of members Yearlong- On going






Archive Begins here:


Western Region Fall Conference October 8

(Registration deadline September 24)


Registration Process

1) Download this packet: 2016 Fall Leadership Conference Forms Packet.pdf  


2) Read all about the conference at: http://www.ncasc.us/uploads/1/6/2/7/16272292/wd_fall_conf_tentative_sch.png

3) Register online (School name East Wilkes High School; Adviser email Gentryt@wilkes.k12.nc.us: https://ncasc.wufoo.com/forms/m1lr58mp1l7n7se/


4) Fill out the forms packet


5) Give forms packet and payment of $35 (Check to East Wilkes High School) by Friday, September 23 to Mr. Gentry.




Student Council Leadership & Planning Retreat 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

East Wilkes High School

Art Room



Participant Guidebook:  Student Council Guidebook 2016.pub





2016-2017 Student Council Officers (a work in progress) (Updated 8-10-16)


Freshmen Class President: Ms. Charity Speaks; Vice President Ms. Ava Tharpe

Freshmen Class Representatives: Karelyn Doyle, Liz Carter, Kayla Bauguess, Anna Wagoner, Trinity Settle, Sofie Cortez, Huston Hall, Noah Parks, Brandon Cothren


Sophomore Class President- Ms. Lauren Rakes; Vice-President- Ms. Bailey Johnson

Sophomore Representatives: Taylor Billings, Caroline Huffman, Lakyn Mathis, James Burcham, Brooklyn Mounce, Katelyn Sealey


Junior Class President- Ms. Alexis Pardue; Vice President- Ms. Kandice Darnell

Junior Representatives:  Cole Settle, Anna Parks, Kaila Wood, Ashlyn Triplett, Jacob Hutson



Senior Class President- Ms. Evey Grimsley; Vice President- Mr. Zack Carr

Senior Representatives: Andrew Norman, Carlos Aquino, Grant Bare, Abby Reeves, Lisette Bahena, Kinsey Crabb, Hailey Patton, Olivia Cortez, Kyla Anderson


Uncommitted Seniors for 2016: Emma Anderson, Madison Bauguess, Francisco Gonzalez, Adam Holbrook, Spencer Kranz, Joah Logan, Carson McGuire, Kayla Minton, Eric Sipes, Lakyn Sparks, Alexis Trivette, Hannah Norman


Student Body Officers: President- Mr. Brandon Anderson; Vice-President- Ms. Jasmine Garcia; Secretary- Ms. Katie Stokes; Treasurer- Ms. Hannah Gentry










Student Council Remind 101 Text Service: Send this message: @ewhssc1415 to this number 919-323-4275

Need more data on Remind 101? Try this link: http://pdfs.remind.com/invite?class_code=ewhssc1415&class_name=Student+Council+2014&phone_number=%28919%29+323-4275&sms_supported=true&user_signature=Mrs.+Shepherd&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=joinpdf&utm_campaign=classcreate




2014-2015 Student Council Voting Results 


Sophomore Class President- Mr. Brandon Anderson; Vice-President- Ms. Evey Grimsley

Sophomore Representatives: Kyla Anderson, Emma Anderson, Chimeco Barber, Grant Bare, Madison Bauguess, Zack Carr, OIivia Cortez, Kinsey Crabb, Francisco Gonzalez, Adam Holbrook, Spencer Kranz, Joah Logan, Carson McGuire, Kayla Minton, Andrew Norman, Eric Sipes, Lakyn Sparks, Alexis Trivette


Junior Class President- Ms. Courtney Anderson; Vice President-Ms. Kayla Mounce

Junior Representatives: Cole Bauguess, Lydia Burcham, Saleena Call, Kayla Chipman, Chelsea Edwards, Omar Everette, Kaitlyn Gray, Melia Higgins, Donathan Layell, Julie Layell, Caitlyn Macemore, Kyle Merkel, Katie Mickle, Kaitlyn Murphy, Amber Parks, Brooke Schubart, Ruth Grace St.John, Faith Trivette, Brianna Wilmoth, Robert Wood


Senior Class President- Ms. Hannah Holbrook; Vice-President- Mr. Levi Ray

Senior Representatives: Jordan Adams, Tyler Anderson, Chandler Bare, Krystal Carter, Jamie Caudill, Morgan Cockerham, Michelle Cummings, Carrie Durham, Molly Holbrook, Hannah Holbrook, Kullen Lane, Seth Longbottom, Kaitlyn Murphy, Lauren Pardue, HN Patton, Tim Pettyjohn, Kyle Ratliff, Brooke Sealey, Daisey Sullivan, Maggie Weatherman, Alex Whitley


Student Body Officers: President- Ms. Abby Burchette; Vice-President- Mr. Dana Blankley; Secretary- Mr. Dylan Carr; Treasurer- Ms. Faith Trivette


*Freshmen will be elected in the fall.


2014-2015 Events

Event Sponsor Date
Student Council T-shirt Development Juniors 15-Sep-14
Spirit Week Homecoming Seniors Sep 22- Sep 26
Homecoming Activity Day (1p dismissal schedule) Juniors 26-Sep-14
Homecoming Dance Organization Sophomores 26-Sep-14
Sale of Spirit Wear Shirts at School Freshmen All Year
Sale of Spirit Wear Shirts at Games Freshmen All Year
Student Council Bulletin Board Creation Freshmen All Year
Pep Club Participation and Organization Pep Club (Weatherman/Longbottom) All Year
Powder Puff Football Game (1p dismissal schedule) Pep Club (Weatherman/Longbottom) 131Nov-14
Tailgate Party (Football Season) Pep Club (Weatherman/Longbottom) Not Elkin Game, TBA
Mini Spirit (2 days) Seniors Oct 9-10
Friends Feeding Friends Food Drive Organization Juniors Nov 1 to Dec 18
Scarey Movie Juniors 3-Nov-14
Christmas Movie Juniors 18-Dec-14
Valentine Movie Juniors 12-Feb-14
Operation Christmas Child Shopping Spree Student Body- Burchette/Shepherd Thanksgiving Break TBA
Student Council Christmas Party/ Secret Santa Student Body- Burchette/Gentry December TBA
Basketball Season  Seniors Jan/Feb TBA
Senior Cookout Wait Staff (Sunday of Bacculaureate) Juniors June TBA
Teacher/Student Ball Game (1p dismissal schedule) Sophomores March 2-3 week TBA
Pay it Forward Student Body- Burchette TBA
Talent Show Seniors Spring



End of School Dance.

Friday May 16, 8 PM until Midnight in school courtyard. Blackout, Neon Glow is the theme. Tickets $8 in advance, $12 at the door.

Guest Form: Dance Guest Form- End of School 2014.docx 


Student Council Activities

  • ·         Homecoming Activity Day Organization
  • ·         Homecoming Dance Organization
  • ·         Sale of Spirit Wear Shirts at School
  • ·         Sale of Spirit Wear Shirts at Games
  • ·         Powder Puff Football Game Development
  • ·         Pep Club Participation and Organization
  • ·         Tailgate Party Organization
  • ·         Scary Movie Marathon Development
  • ·         Student Council T-shirt Development
  • ·         Operation Christmas Child Shopping Spree
  • ·         Student Council Christmas Party/ Secret Santa
  • ·         Valentine Dance Organization
  • ·         Friends Feeding Friends Food Drive Organization
  • ·         Student Council Bulletin Board Creation
  • ·         Spirit Week Themes- Fall, Winter and Spring
  • ·         End-of-School Dance Organization
  • ·         Senior Cookout Wait Staff






Mini Spirit Week

Wednesday through Friday, February 5-7, 2014

Wednesday- PJ Day
Thursday- Prep Day
Friday-Dress Like a Kid Day


Our planned Pep Rally has been called off due to schedule conflicts that impact our band and our cheerleaders.

Friday is Senior Night and we want people to come to the game.


Valentines Dance becomes "End of School Dance"

Due to conflicts in the school schedule surrounding snow days, we have postponed our dance until May 16. The May 16 Dance will be an outdoor dance and should feature warm weather and fun times. More info to follow, save the date in your calendar now and plan to attend.


New Light to Host Annual Student Council Christmas Party!
*** Monday, December 9 is the Christmas Party at New Light Church. 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM. Be sure to bring your Secret Santa gifts. There will be a meal starting at 6:00. All members are reminded that at lunch on Monday, in the cafeteria, they should please see Hannah Jolly or Ashley Dancy and let them know if you are going to the party or not. The church needs a head count, so they can make an accurate count on preparing the food. The party will feature a meal (pizza etc..., I think) and plenty of drinks and desserts. We will play games that sound really fun. We will exchange Secret Santa gifts and we will hear the Christmas Story. This should be a very special time together with our club and I hope everyone will make an effort to be there. For those of you who have practice or must work or have other events I am sorry, as finding a time that does not conflict with 58 peoples schedules seems daunting. We will however miss you and know that if you get out of work/practice etc and would like to still come, even if it seems late, please come anyway. I also encourage you to let Ashley and Hannah know if you will not be there so that they can plan.

*** Secret Santa - the gift you give the other person should be about $10, which means you will receive a gift worth $10.  If you will not be at the party, please bring your gift to Mr. Gentry so that your gift can be given at the party. On the tag be sure to put "To ____" and "From YOUR NAME", so that the person knows who gave the gift to them. Otherwise bring the gift with you. Make every effort to take care of this because no one should go home from the party without a gift. It is now too late to just drop out because some else has your name and you will be receiving a gift.

*** Directions: If you would like to follow someone please plan to be at one of these two locations by 5:30 PM tomorrow.
1- Hannah Jolly will lead a group from the front parking lot at East, leaving at 5:30
2- Ashley Dancy will lead a group from the IGA parking lot, leaving at 5:30

*** Physical directions to the church
Directions to New Light Church. 193 New Light Church Road, Roaring River, NC.  Directions: Leaving the school, turn left onto Hwy. 268, turn left onto Money Road, go to stop sign, and turn Left onto Macedonia Church Rd., go to stop sign, and turn right onto Austin Little Mtn. Rd, go about 100 feet, and turn left onto Tharpe's Mill Rd., go to the stop sign and turn right onto S. Lomax Rd., go to the stop sign, and turn left onto Greenhorn Rd., go about 3 miles to New Light Church on the right.
*** The weather does not seem to be a factor for tomorrow night. It looks like the snow/ ice event will be over by mid morning and so we will move forward with this party unless we have an early dismissal due to bad weather.



Events and Activities



December Events at a Glance

December 9-Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa Party- December 9, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM New Light Baptist Church on Greenhorn Road in Roaring River, See Ashley Dancy for details. Directions to New Light Church. 193 New Light Church Road, Roaring River, NC.  Directions: Leaving the school, turn left onto Hwy. 268, turn left onto Money Road, go to stop sign, and turn Left onto Macedonia Church Rd., go to stop sign, and turn right onto Austin Little Mtn. Rd, go about 100 feet, and turn left onto Tharpe's Mill Rd., go to the stop sign and turn right onto S. Lomax Rd., go to the stop sign, and turn left onto Greenhorn Rd., go about 3 miles to New Light Church on the right.


December 13- * Senior T-shirt Order and money due by December 13. See Mr. Gentry. Form attached.  Senior T-shirt Order Form Class of 2014.doc

December 17- Annual Children's Christmas Party at East WIlkes High- December 17. See class presidents for details
December 18- Canned Food Drive Concludes: December 18- See Jordan Adams for details
January Events
Spirit Week- January 27-31.  Monday is PJ Day; Tuesday is Neon Day (Gender Bender if approved); Wednesday is Kid Day; Thursday is Tacky Day- Ugly Sweaters; Friday is Red Spirit Day (Red Sea at Game). 


2013-2014 Student Council Officers and Representatives


The 2013-2014 Student Body Officers are as follows:
Student Body President: Ms. Maci Hall
Student Body Vice-President: Ms. Ashley Dancy
Student Body Secretary: Ms. Abby Burchette
Student Body Treasurer: Mr. Ethan Baker

Advisers: Mr. Travis Gentry and Mrs. Sharon Shepherd



Freshmen Class

President Brandon  Anderson
Vice-President Carson McGuire
Representatives Emma  Anderson
Representatives Grant  Bare
Representatives Lakyn  Sparks
Representatives Evelyn  Grimsley
Representatives Andrew  Norman
Representatives Joah  Logan
Representatives Spencer  Kranz
Representatives Madison  Bauguess
Representatives Kyla  Anderson
Representatives Kinsey  Crabb


Sophomore Class

President Courtney Anderson
Vice-President Chelsea Edwards
Representative Brooke Schubart
Representative Kayla Chipman
Representative Caitlyn Macemore
Representative Kaityln Gray
Representative Dylan Carr
Representative Faith Trivette
Representative Kayla Mounce
Representative Omar Everett
Representative Donathan Layell
Representative Ruth Grace St. John
Representative Julie Layell


Junior Class

President Brooke Sealey
Vice-President Jordan Adams
Representatives Tim Pettyjohn
Representatives Dana Blankley
Representatives Tyler Anderson
Representatives Jamie Caudill
Representatives Lane Creed
Representatives Chandler Bare








Senior Class

President Hannah  Jolly
Vice-President Ryan Estep
Representative Jenna  Colbert
Representative Hailey Brown
Representative Carlie Mickel
Representative Joshua Bauguess
Representative Cody  Colbert
Representative Stone Bauguess
Representative Clay St. John
Representative Shanisha White
Representative Molly  Calloway
Representative Jathan  Sales
Representative Destiny Gregory


















December Events

Beard Brawl- December 2- at 2nd break. See Junior Class or Mr. Gentry for more details. Flyer attached. NO SHAVE NOVEMBER for HUNGER AWARENESS.docx

Parade- December 7- North Wilkesboro 1 PM (Homecoming car with King and Queen)

Parade- December 8- Elkin 1 PM (Homecoming car with King and Queen)


November Events 

* Hoodie and T-shirt Sale (all items drastically reduced. $2 short sleeves, $3 long Sleeves, $10 hoodies- while supplies last!) Sale continues throughout November/December- See Mr. Gentry 

* Food Drive- Junior Class coordinators, drive goes throughout November and December- final dates to be determined. Class competitions and awards day TBA. See Jordan Adams.

* Senior Class T-shirt Take Order Forms due November 21. Seniors need to sign the signature board. See Hannah Jolly for details. Form attached. Senior T-shirt Order Form Class of 2014.doc

* Thanksgiving Luncheon and Shopping Spree for Children's Christmas Party- Monday, November 25 at 1:00 PM at Benham Baptist Church.See Mr. Gentry or Maci Hall or a class president for details. Flyer Attached. Student Council Thanksgiving Luncheon 2013.docx

DIRECTIONS TO BENHAM CHURCH: 8697 Greenhorn Rd. ElkinNC28621: http://www.mapquest.com/?q2=275668666+type:mqid


11-18-2013 Meeting Minutes


Minutes and Notices- PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!


Student Council Calendar and Website link: http://studentcouncilewhs.pbworks.com/w/page/44331579/FrontPage


We have a shopping spree and thanksgiving luncheon next Monday, Nov. 25 at 1 PM. If you missed the meeting today, I need to know if you are going to lunch or not- just answer in email by Friday of this week. All those who do not go shopping, wrap presents, or do something to assist with the Christmas Child project will not be allowed to get out of class to present the gifts to the children in December. This is the best thing we do all year!!!


If you missed today's meeting please see Mr. Gentry ASAP about Secret Santa. Please see Mr. Gentry to get your name on the list and to get a persons name. Remember this a secret and it's fun to mess with the person by putting little gifts in their locker or passing it along from a friend, like a card, bookmark, chewing gum, gag gift etc... Guessing who has your name is fun too- but everyone needs to make an effort to keep the names a secret so that it's a surprise. When you give something- sign it "from your Secret Santa" or have it delivered from Santa... 


The last Secret Santa gift will be given out at the December 9th Student Council Christmas Party. 6 PM at New Light Baptist Church. A meal will be served, music, games and all kinds of fun. We have a few other special things planned for this event as well. Everyone who got a Secret Santa name has to be at this party...


Spirit Week is December 9-13. See posters for the themes each day. Maci Hall is heading up the efforts for this event.


Juniors are collecting the canned food drive through mid December.See Jordan Adams to assist.


Sophomores agreed to take on the February Dance this year. It is February 13 from 8 to midnight. They will create a focus group, gather ideas, themes and then bring those ideas back to a future meeting. Ashley Dancy agreed to mentor this group with decorations and train them in the art.


We passed along a huge list of attendance friendly ideas for the SIT team to consider. A focus group of students stayed behind for 20 minutes discussing new ideas to help boost attendance. 










2012-2013 Student Council  Officers and Representatives


Student Body

Student Body President: Courtney Wagoner

Student Body Vice-President: Levi Barker

Student Body Secretary: Hannah Jones

Student Body Treasurer: Ethan Baker

Advisers: Mr. Travis Gentry, Mrs. Sharon Shepherd, Mrs. Angie Earp



Senior Class President: Heather Hincher

Senior Class Vice-President: Cassidy Gregory

Senior Class Representatives

A-    Anna Reeves                               

B-    Ezekiel Shepherd                       

C-    Kayla Bell                                    

D-    Luke Patterson                           

E-   Abram Logan

F-   Michaela Evans



Junior Class President: Ashley Dancy

Junior Class Vice-President: Hannah Jolly

Junior Class Representatives

A-    Kaylee Earp

B-    Hailey Brown

C-    Katie Huffman

D-    Jenna Colbert



Sophomore Class Co-Presidents: Molly McCollum & Hannah Holbrook

Sophomore Class Vice-President: Co-presidents, no VP needed

Sophomore Class Representatives

A-    Dana Blankley

B-    Maggie Weatherman

C-    Abby Burchette

D-    Lauren Pardue



Freshmen Class President: Chelsea Edwards

Freshmen Class Vice-President: Kaityn Gray

Freshmen Class Representatives

A-    Jayci Alexander                          

B-    Faith Trivette                              

C-    Tiffany Myers                              

D-    Kyle Merkel

E-    George Gilbert

F-     Ruth St. John

G- Omar Everett

H- Courtney Anderson

I- Kristen Stanley



Events and Activities

September- Spirit Shirts Arrive

September 21- Homecoming (east versus North) (We won!)

October- Spirit Shirts Arrive

November 21- Shopping Spree for Christmas Children Project

November 29-     Christmas Children Project (5 children sponsored by the Student Council- see Courtney or a class president for more details)

November 19- December 14, 2012 - Canned Food Drive- Friends Feeding Friends

February 14- Valentine's Day Dance

March 16-18- State Convention for Student Council

April- Earth Day Celebration Week

May- Elections for 2013-2014 Year 




2012 Student Council Survey: <a href="/Click" _mce_href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VM8NM6H">Click">http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VM8NM6H">Click here to take survey</a>  


Thank you to those who attended the Christmas Child Shoping and Wrapping Event On November 21

Courtney Wagoner, Luke Patterson, Hannah Jones, Heather Hincher, Levi Barker, Cassie Gregory, Anna Reeves, Hailey Brown, Ashley Dancy, Hannah Jolly, Kaylee Earp, Maggie Weatherman, Hannah Holbrook, Molly McCullom, Abby Burchette, Chelsea Edwards, Courtney Anderson, Mrs. Holbrook (Hannah's Mom), Mrs. Shepherd and Mr. & Mrs. Gentry.


Student Council Committments for January-February

Freshmen Class- Socks and Boggins Collections Contest.

Sophomore Class-  Help our Troops Contest

Dance Helpers:

Ticket Sales

Lunch 1- Heather Hincher, Ashley Dancy, Cassidy Gregory, Hailey Brown

Lunch 2- Omar Everette, Anna Reeves, Chelsea Edwards, Courtney Anderson

Lunch 3- Levi Barker, Ethan Baker, Dana Blankley


Dance Decoration People: Ashley Dancy, Hailey Brown, Cassidy Gregory, Courtney Wagoner

Dance Clean up: We all clean up


Dance Posters: Kaylee Earp, Molly McCollum, Hannah Jones.


Dance Information:

Valentine’s Day Dance

When: February 14th, 2013

Where: Old Gym, East Wilkes High School

Time: 8:00 PM to midnight

Tickets on sale: February 1 to February 14.

Cost: $7.00 in advance; $10 at the door

Dress: Casual to semi-formal

Guest Forms: Obtain in office, due by February 11.

Useful Documents  

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